Gorrch (IT)

Formed by Droich (guitars, bass) and Chimsicrin (drums, vocals, keyboards), both members of the death metal band Inverted, 

GORRCH hails from Cavaso del Tomba in northern Italy. They made their mark with a self-titled EP in 2013, followed by the release of their debut full-length album, "Nera Estasi," two years later.

In just five years, Gorrch grew a dedicated cult following with rare live performances. Their return with the EP "Introvertere" on Duplicate Records in 2020 marked a significant milestone, solidifying their reputation. They opened for acts like Ad Nauseam and Defacement, enhancing their mystique. Moreover, their split with Tenebrae In Perpetuum on Dolomia Nera Records showcased their commitment to pushing musical boundaries and left an indelible mark on the scene.

Their music blends frenetic double bass runs, torturous tremolo riffing, and a relentless assault of chords. What sets them apart is their ability to seamlessly integrate elements of the French black metal movement's later period, reminiscent of bands like Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord. Yet, they also pay homage to classic second-wave black metal. Despite the chaos, Gorrch maintains a sense of control, creating a captivating miasma of sound that draws listeners in. 

This Italian band deserves recognition as one of black metal's most promising newcomers, and their future steps should be eagerly watched by fans of the genre. Gorrch's rare live performances are nothing short of a spectacle driven by the ferocity of their guitarist and the masterful drumming of their vocalist, who performs while wearing a modified mask that works as a microphone. The combination of intense guitar work and the enigmatic presence of the masked vocalist creates an electrifying experience that captivates audiences and adds to the band's aura of mystery.