Anachronism (CH)

Hailing from Lausanne, Anachronism are a Swiss progressive death metal quartet, founded in summer 2009. Anachronism were formed by guitarist Lisa Voisard, vocalist Matthieu Favre and drummer Florent Duployer, spending their early years exploring different styles of extreme metal before stabilising their sound and lineup with the addition of bassist Nicolas Riederer in 2012. The band self-released their debut album, Senseless, in 2012, performing a competent but sterile mix of technical and brutal death metal. Anachronism continued down this stylistic path with 2015's Reflecting the Inside EP, this time with additional bassist Julien Waroux.

The following year saw a change in lineup along with a rejuvenation of creativity: Waroux, Riederer and Favre departed, with Voisard assuming lead vocals and Transhumance guitarist Manu Le BĂ©, completing the now-trio. A host of new influences infiltrated their sound, such as jazz, progressive rock, and the daring intensity of Ulcerate, Gorguts, Wormed, Artificial Brain, Suffocation and Hate Eternal. The first display of their newly-dissonant, atmospheric death metal was showcased on a 2017 two-track demo, followed by 2018's similarly self-released LP Orogeny, the success of which (including a shout-out from the Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnd) led them to sign with Italian label Unorthodox Emanations in 2022. Waroux returned to the band that same year, replacing Seven Daily Sins member Alex Sedin, who had been recording with Anachronism as a session bassist since 2021. Anachronism's third album, Meanders, arrived in early 2023 to overwhelmingly positive acclaim.
The band is about to embark on the third european tour supporting Replicant.